Swansea Away support – Figure comparison

Last season (11-12 season) in the Premier League, there was a big scramble for tickets for away games. Many, me included, thought we may only last a season so wanted to go to as many as we could. The club had no ‘loyalty scheme’ set up at the time though, meaning it was a free for all at first.

Especially when the fixture computer gave us Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea & Liverpool in 4 of our first 5 games. An away ticket scheme was set up too, to guarantee Swans away fans a ticket for every match where most of the money was paid for in advance.

Out of interest (and because I’m a little bit sad like this) I thought I’d compare the away followings from last season to this one. In the 11-12 season Swansea averaged 2360 away fans, in the season just gone (12-13) we averaged 1623.

727 less a game on average. Obviously a few factors come into pay, the main one being finance. It costs a hell of a lot to travel up and down the country, especially if you have a family too.

Other factors include the fact we had a League Cup final at Wembley a week after we visited Anfield in the league. We took 877 fans in 12-13 & 3100 in 11-12. Plus it was also our second visit of the season (We took 3198 in the League Cup midweek away game).

SkySports showed us live in our 2 midweek away matches against Wigan & Sunderland, this obviously affects numbers too. But in short I’d say the novelty of Premier League away games has worn off slightly, most can get a ticket for an away game without many problems (but the ticket system does cause problems!). But the numbers are still decent when you consider the time it takes to get to most away games from Swansea (Reading was our ‘closest’ game geographically.

If any of you are interested, the breakdown of the figures are below.

2012-13 season away support figures

Arsenal – 3000
Aston Villa – 2600
Chelsea – 1498
Everton – 955
Fulham – 2221
Liverpool – 877
Manchester City (ESPN) – 1890
Manchester United (Sky) – 1868
Newcastle – 1001
Norwich – 698
QPR – 2400
Reading – 2109
Southampton – 2799
Stoke – 1270
Sunderland (midweek – Sky) – 404
Tottenham (Sky) – 1379
West Brom – 1433
West Ham – 1895
Wigan (midweek – Sky) – 541

Average – 1623

2011-12 season away support figures

Arsenal – 2914
Aston Villa – 3011
Blackburn – 2577
Bolton – 2799
Chelsea – 3173
Everton (midweek) – 2210
Fulham – 2350
Liverpool – 3100
Manchester City (Sky – Monday Night) – 2698
Manchester United (Sky) – 3083
Newcastle – 1501
Norwich – 1197
QPR (Sky – midweek) – 1404
Stoke – 2038
Sunderland – 1010
Tottenham (Sky) – 2999
West Brom – 2506
Wigan – 2184
Wolves (Sky) – 2102

Average – 2360

(Figures taken from the programme)


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