Swansea City – previous pre-seasons

As many of you know I am not a fan of watching pre-season matches, don’t get me wrong I have been to them in the past. I always go to the home games if I am in the country and I have been away to the odd few local games, like Neath, Llanelli and Port Talbot. Even went to Chester on a Tuesday night once!

For me pre season games are for the new players to bed in and for the squad to gain match fitness in readiness for the new season. With the amount of substitutes allowed in friendly matches for both teams it must be difficult for the players to keep the rhythm and tempo up for the whole game too.

I’ve had a look back through the archives and looked at our previous friendly scores and scorers (some games maybe missing).

2006: Carmarthen 3-3 Swansea (Trundle, McLeod, Knight).

Swansea 1-1 Wolves (Fallon)

Weston Super Mare 1-3 Swansea (Knight, Akinfenwa, Willie Boland)

Exeter 1-3 Swansea (Knight (2), Iriekpen)

Port Talbot 0-2 Swansea (Robinson, Chris Jones)

No defeats in the 5 pre-season games we played under Kenny Jackett, but he left in February 2007 before Martinez took over and we eventually finished 7th in League One. Lee Trundle, who scored just 1 goal in pre-season was our top goalscorer in the 06-07 season with 20 goals.

2007: Ostersund 2-5 Swansea (Pratley, D Duffy, Bodde, Anderson (2)

Neath 1-5 Swansea (Austin, Trundle, D Duffy (2), Anderson)

Llanelli 0-3 Swansea (O’Leary, Ibrahim Thiam, Robinson (pen))

Port Talbot 1-1 Swansea (Watt)

Stormvogels Telstar 2-1 Swansea (O’Leary)

Schipluiden 0-2 Swansea (D Duffy, Britton)

Alphenese Boys 2-5 Swansea (Bauza (2, 1 pen), Scotland, M Collins, Anderson)

S Rotterdam 2-2 Swansea (D Duffy, Britton)

Swansea 2-0 Levante (Robinson, Scotland)

Just 1 defeat in the 9 friendly matches played by the Swans. We won League One by 10 points in the 07-08 season by playing free flowing football under Roberto Martinez. I actually put money on us to win the league that season (won £200).

Darryl Duffy scored 5 goals in the pre season games and in the season only scored 1 league goal after impressing on loan the previous season. Jason Scotland scored 29 goals and was our and the league’s top goalscorer.

2008: Ostersund 0-6 Swansea (Pintado (3), Bauza (2), Gower)

Neath 0-5 Swansea (Bauza (2), Bodde (pen), van der Heijden, S Morrison)

Espanyol 4-0 Swansea

CF Peralada 0-2 Swansea (Butler, Bauza)

Palamos 0-1 Swansea (Orlandi)

Barcelona Athletic 3-3 Swansea (Bauza (2), Brandy)

Chester 2-3 Swansea (Pratley, Morrison, Painter)

Swansea 0-0 West Brom

Swansea 1-0 Den Haag (Orlandi)

Swansea finished 8th in the Championship under Martinez after decent results in pre-season. Spaniard Guillem Bauza scored 7 goals in the pre-season games, Scotland none (think he was injured for a large part). Many fans predicted that Bauza would be our main striker when it came to the league, it wasn’t the case. Bauza hardly played just 21 games and scored 3 goals. Jason Scotland was again our top goalscorer with 24 goals.

2009: Swansea 3-1 Twente (Pintado 2, 1 pen, Casey Thomas)

Neath 1-6 Swansea (Dobbie (2), Orlandi, Chad Bond, Bauza, M Collins)

Espanyol B 2-0 Swansea

Palamos 0-2 Swansea (Bauza (pen), Gower)

Gimnastic 0-0 Swansea

Sabadell 1-2 Swansea (Dobbie (2))

Swansea 4-1 Kilmarnock (Gower (3, 1 pen), Chad Bond)

Martinez had left for Wigan and Portuguese Paulo Sousa had taken over and again the pre-season results were decent. More memorable for Mark Gower who scored 4 goals in pre-season who was a little unlucky to not score any goals the previous season. Again people predicted that his goal return would be much again, you could argue they were right. He ended up scoring 1 goal in the 09-10 season. Which for a team that only scored 42 league goals that season, wasn’t so bad!

2010: Port Talbot 1-2 Swansea (Kerry Morgan, Njazi Kuqi)

Llanelli 5-1 (Casey Thomas, S Kuqi (2, 1 pen), van der Gun, N Kuqi)

Hereford 2-0 Swansea

Neath 0-2 Swansea (Scott Donnelly, S Kuqi)

Yeovil 0-1 Swansea (Cotterill)

Swansea 1-0 Cheltenham (Dobbie)

Haaglandia 1-4 Swansea (Dyer, Cotterill, Pintado (2))

VCS 1-9 Swansea (Pintado (2), Serran, S Donnelly, Pratley (2) Agustien, Dyer, Kuqi)

Den Haag 1-0 Swansea

Swansea started their pre-season without a manager, as Paulo Sousa had thankfully left for Leicester. Rodgers took over mid July and his first game in charge was against Cheltenham at home. Looking at the scorers in the above pre-season games, hardly any made an impact on the 10/11 season.

Van der Gun, Donnelly, Pintado, Cotterill and Shefki Kuqi either left soon after or rarely played. Kuqi’s brother who scored twice was a trialist who wasn’t offered a deal and Scott Sinclair, who was our top goal scorer didn’t sign from Chelsea until mid August.

As we all know Swansea won promotion to the Premier League in the 2010/11 season!

2011: Neath 1-0 Swansea

Port Talbot 1-3 Swansea (Beattie, Rangel, Kurtis March)

*Swansea 3-1 Inter Baku (Dyer, Sinclair, Moore)

*Swansea 0-1 UAE U21s

Afan Lido 0-2 Swansea (Beattie, Lucas)

Swansea 2-0 Celtic (Rangel, Dobbie)

Swansea 1-0 Real Betis (Graham)

*In Germany

A mixed bag of results for Swansea in this pre-season, it started with a 1-0 loss to Neath where many fans moaned afterwards that we’d be relegated. We did beat Port Talbot 3-1 three hours later with a totally different team of players.

As we all know, the Swans did stay up (finished 11th) and Danny Graham, who scored one goal in pre-season, was our top goal scorer with 13 goals.

2012: Colorado Rapids 2-1 Swansea (de Guzman)

Ventura County Fusion 0-1 Swansea (Moore)

San Jose Earthquakes 2-2 Swansea (Chico, Graham)

Swansea 4-2 Blackpool (Graham (3), Michu)

Swansea 3-3 Stuttgart (Graham 2, 1 pen, Dyer)

Michael Laudrup had replaced Brendan Rodgers who went to Liverpool and again this pre-season, results wise was probably not the best. A 1-0 win against a team of amateurs in the USA and 7 goals scored and 5 conceded in the two home games. Danny Graham had scored 6 goals in pre-season but ended up featuring on the bench more than the pitch. Then he ended up signing for Sunderland in January.

Swans finished 9th, won the League Cup and Michu was our top goalscorer with 22 goals.


What the 2013-14 season will bring nobody knows, scoring 28 goals and conceding just 1 in this season’s pre-season is impressive on paper. I can’t comment on any of the performances as I haven’t seen any of the games.

I am glad we do play two Europa League games before the Premier League season starts, as they are ‘proper’ games and we should be a little more match fit than Man Utd on August 17th. I hope anyway!

I just thought it may be interesting to see our previous pre-season results in previous seasons.


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