Commonly asked questions

Hardly a day goes by without me hearing the usual questions or statements said to me.

Aren’t you that guy/matt the jack off Twitter?

I usually answer with ‘I am on Twitter, have I upset you in the past?’ If I haven’t (which is usually the case) I say I am ‘that’ guy off Twitter. Then sometimes an awkward silence occurs when neither knows what to say, suppose it’s what proper celebrities feel like when strangers recognise them.

I never know what to think about being so easily recognised off Twitter, if I did really upset people regularly then it would be a bad thing, but I’d like to think most who speak to me just want to say hello.

The strangest example I’ve had is away at Southampton when I was going back to my coach and a Southampton fan I follow on Twitter recognised me, among the mass crowds of people exiting the ground at the same time.

You’re not 27, you look so young

Well I am 27, I don’t use any moisturiser or anything, just can’t help looking young. Again not a bad thing as such, I just have to make sure I have I.D. on me and I just laugh at people’s reactions when I tell them. I just hope I stay looking young at 60 years of age too!

Have you won the lottery? How do you get time off work?

This is usually in response to people seeing me in various different football grounds across the UK and now Europe! I can tell you, apart from the odd £5.60 win on the EuroMillions, I have not won the lottery. All of my money and leave goes on football, 99% of the time!

I am lucky enough to be in a full time job, live at home with my parents still (I know!) and I don’t drink (alcohol) or smoke. I am also well organised, so can book football away days well in advance (until Sky come along and change things at short notice sometimes).


A bit of a random blog I know, but thought I’d share


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