Perspective and expectation

Rewind to this time last year and we had just drawn 2-2 with Reading at home, after being 2-0 down with 20 minutes to go. It meant it was our 5th game without a win in the league and many comments from social media and the message boards were of a negative nature. Sound familiar?

In that game against Reading the Swans had actually played very well, showing a good fight to come back from 2-0 down but also probably deserved the win. Would our luck change? As it turned out it did, Swans then won the 1st game back after the International break – 2-1 at home to Wigan – lost 1-0 away to Man City but then went on a 6 match unbeaten run.

No more talk of a dressing room bust up, Laudrup’s system being wrong and whatever else was said during that time. All was forgotten.

Fast forward to the present day and it’s like going back in time a little.


At Southampton I thought the Swans played very well for the majority of the game, a culmination of bad luck and some cracking saves from Boruc prevented the Swans from scoring. We all have different opinions of course, but personally I will never criticise a team if they try to attack and try to score goals.

Against Arsenal at home in the previous league game I thought we cancelled each other out, but Arsenal had a decent 10 minute spell in which they punished us. Though personally I was more disappointed  by the lack of attempts at goal. For me there is no point trying to play football unless you try to score goals.

Without wanting to sound like Martinez and Rodgers, to me if the team performs well then in the end you will get your rewards – as the past few seasons have proved. It’s always disappointing to lose games, especially if you didn’t deserve to, but I guess it all depends on your expectations sometimes.


Cast your mind back to pre-season, 7 games and 7 wins with 28 goals scored and 1 conceded. Talk of a top 6 finish this season and how we would thrash Man Utd in the opening game. The latter didn’t happen of course (we still may get top 6, though I’m more realistic).

My expectations at the start of the season were to survive in the Premier League and to do well in the group stage of the Europa League and hopefully beating a ‘big’ club in the league along the way.

Now if that is negative, then I am negative (I’m not). I’m just wondering what your personal expectations are/were?

I just think this current squad is the best we have probably ever had, we all like a whinge and a moan at times but listening to some people’s comments in the game you would think we were struggling in League 1.


It’s never good to read comments after a defeat on all the various websites, but yesterday on the coach I made that mistake. Yes some I’d agree with saying we need to take our chances, but some were saying that we’re going down to others saying that Europe was affecting us.

Now I asked this question yesterday. After the Swans beat Valencia in the Metsalla on that fantastic night a few weeks back, did anyone say or think ‘Hope we get knocked out of Europe soon’? My guess would be no.

We all dreamt of nights like that, the Valencia away game was my all time favourite and people will be talking about that one for years to come. Why would we want to get knocked out. Our squad is big enough to cope playing in both.

We also, if you can’t remember, convincingly beat Crystal Palace away the following Sunday 2-0. After our other away game in Europe (in Ploiesti) the Swans then won 2-0 away to West Brom, where 5 of that starting line up started at the Hawthorns. Europe a hindrance? Not for me. Just a knee jerk comment from some fans after the disappointment of losing.

If we hadn’t played well then maybe there would be some substance, but on another day Swans would’ve won at St Mary’s comfortably.

Other comments I’ve read since is that Laudrup is only playing his better team in the Europa League, because he is looking for a better move away from Swansea, so it looks good on his CV. As well as Sunderland at home is now a ‘must win’ game. in October? (Maybe a clear out on Twitter will be a good thing).

If we lost to Sunderland then there would only be 90 Premier League points available to play for until the season finishes next May. Disaster!


I don’t really like using that word, but as Michael Laudrup pointed out yesterday we are only 1 point worse off than last season and have already played the bigger teams. I agree with him, we have a good squad of players who all work hard. A few wins and we’ll be all smiles again.

We may not beat Sunderland, but the season ends in May not October.  All teams go through good spells and bad spells. Looks at West Brom a few weeks back, hadn’t scored a goal in the league for 3 games, fans twitching. They then beat Sunderland and 4 points from Man Utd and Arsenal and their fans are happy once again forgetting the slow start to the season they had.


Congratulations to Miguel Perez Cuesta, better known as Michu, for his call up to the Spain National squad. Amazing to think that Swansea City have a player that the World and European Champions want in their team. It will be a great few days for him to teach Xavi and Iniesta what he knows. Hope he gets to feature for them.


2 thoughts on “Perspective and expectation

  1. Nice blog Matt which ticks all the boxes.

    The difficulty in having a balanced viewpoint is to distinguish success between winning,losing and performing,which obviously following the Swans we get all three in abundance,

    Anyone with any footballing insight would be aware that we will lose more than win,that’s an easy call,although many of our fans fail to take this on board,and seem to suffer from huge indignation and anger when it does.
    Im my case when we do lose I take solace in the performance and entertainment value,which so far has exceeded expectations.

    Changing our style of play by dropping Michu deeper and having a target man has not really worked and sooner or later we may have to go to the tried and tested 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 and get back to triangles and tiki-taki football, but at the moment it’s not panic station time and it may all click into place one day,it depends how much patience and “bottle” the fans and ML have,but it’s good something different is being tried and if we could incorporate both systems we could be flying.

    Relegation is an ugly and emotive word and the way the premier league historically is shaping there could be ten teams in with the possibility of this come the last three games.
    We should be good enough not to be in this situation but there again every other team will be spouting out the same and as we know “there’s no easy game” and “everywhere is a tough place to go”


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