A long standing issue

There is a current Twitter debate amongst a few Swans fans regarding Michael Laudrup not standing up on the touchline during Swans matches. (Yes really!)

It is strange how nobody ever mentions how many times Michael Laudrup stands up when we win and even stranger how nobody ever mentioned it last season in the games we won/drew/lost. Is it a new thing? People who watch the dugout more than the game can probably provide me with an answer?

Laudrup 1Time to sit down yet?      

Personally I think there are bigger issues to discuss as fans, such as tactics, a plan B, C or D, signings we need, injuries etc, but apparently Michael Laudrup standing up would’ve made all the difference to our bad run of form. Someone needs to tell him!

As someone pointed out on Twitter yesterday, if only Michael Laudrup had done handstands on the touchline we’d be in the Champions League positions at the moment.

I know some people will say that when the team are losing some players may need a helping hand, but Laudrup is a laid back character and it’s not in his persona to do this (I would be exactly the same). But the question remains to why it’s only being mention now and never touched on before.

Stand and deliver

Malky Mackay, Stuart Pearce, Paolo di Canio – to name a few – all stand up, wave their arms about and the latter two jump up and down like idiots on the touchline. Maybe Huw Jenkins will appoint them when Laudrup goes? It would appease some of the fans anyway.

Laudrup 3The goal is that way

Sorry there have been hints of sarcasm (and yes I’m still not good at it!), but the latter part of this blog is to have a light-hearted look into the possible songs Laudrup may himself listen to or ones us as fans could sing at the next game. Also below are some rare* pictures of the man himself standing on the touchline.

michael-laudrup-jumps-for-joy-during-5-0-win-500858964-1992657Michael, you’re not allowed to show passion AND stand up!

*They aren’t really rare, just people like to think it is. Also you may be amazed to hear/see that some of the pictures of Laudrup standing up below are from games that we didn’t actually win!

(I wrote this article standing up, as for some reason my computer wouldn’t react when I sat down. Strange….)

The ‘stand up’ playlist

Stand by me – Ben E King

I’m still standing – Elton John

Stand and Deliver – Adam Ant

Stand – REM

For Morten Weighorst (maybe?) Stand By Your Man – Tammy Wynette

The ‘sit down’ playlist

Sit down – James

Sitting Here – Marc Bolan and T. Rex

Sitting Up Straight – Supergrass

Sitting Waiting Wishing – Jack Johnson

Sitting Still – REM

Also: Sit Down Stand Up – Radiohead

Laudrup 8

Laudrup 7

Laudrup 6

Laudrup 5

The League Cup Final. We won 5-0, Laudrup was standing up (so was Parkinson)

Laudrup 4

Laudrup 2


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