An update – My plans for the months ahead

I noticed that I haven’t written a blog on this site since just before Michael Laudrup got sacked (the decision no Swans fan seemed to disagree with after the decision had been made) , so just to warn you all now, I am planning to blog more regularly, now I just need topics to write about!

I will try to veer away from refereeing as it always seems to be a contentious one and the football season hasn’t started yet. I doubt I’ll have a captive audience for long, but maybe I’ll just use it as a personal diary type of thing, to look back on in a few years and think. ‘What was I on about?’

I’ve not even been back from Brazil a week yet and I’m already looking to plan my next jaunt. ‘Where?’, I hear you ask? ‘You’re not going to talk about that trip for hours on end are you?’ Ouch, that hurt……

Seriously though, the two places I have in mind are North Korea and a possibility of combining it with visiting China, as you can only get to Pyongyang from Beijing and the other place being Chile for the 2015 Copa America. My recent visit to South America has got me wanting to visit more of that Continent.

Apart from football, you may have guessed that my other passion is travel. I have been lucky enough to have visited Australia, New Zealand, Canada, parts of the U.S.A and all over Europe watching Wales and last season the Swans. I do love watching Wales away games and it’s great to be able to combine the football with the travel (but generally the football is disappointing).

North Korea Marks Second Death Anniversary Of Kim Jong Il

The statues of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang, North Korea

Skopje, Macedonia is probably my favourite place I have been to and I would never have got the chance to go if Wales hadn’t played there. I’d recommend going there, everything is extremely cheap and if you love statues you’ll be in your element!

I am very limited in when I can travel, obviously I only have so much leave to use in work (despite people thinking otherwise) and the main reason being the Swans. I don’t like to miss a game and I do only tend to go on a big holiday in June and July.

North Korea Anniversary

Anyway I’m blabbering now, I have already started to enquire about visiting North Korea. Most people think I’m crazy when I say this. But there is something about the country that just fascinates me, it’s probably the only country left in the World that is ‘shut off’ and I guess this intrigues me slightly.

There are reputable companies that run trips there most of the year, if I was fit enough I could take part in their marathon (but I’m not so I won’t). I did read that no mobile phones are allowed into the country, so the ‘tweet police’ would have to find something else to pick me up on. Perhaps I’d have to pack a lot of books!

Chile for the Copa America is still a possibility, perhaps 2 weeks at the start of the competition, the draw is in October so I’ll have to see how to go about applying for tickets. I have even contemplated going to Canada for the Women’s World Cup next year, if Wales should qualify, but I’m not sure if that would be taking it too far. Though getting tickets should be easy……..

My next actual trip abroad is to Barcelona and Andorra with Wales in September, where it’ll be great to meet up with the Wales away regulars and maybe even see a Wales win (Okay I’m being optimistic!). I am going to Belgium for a day and think I’ll hold off on booking Israel away for a little while though!

A1My next International match will be in Andorra – Very scenic

There are just so many places I’d like to go, but will probably never be able to go to them all. I’ve always wanted to go the Galapagos, Krakow, Faroe Islands (with Wales), Vancouver and the Rockies and Iceland are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. But I can’t complain about the places I have already gone to in my life.

My other plan for this coming season is to try and complete more of the ’92’. I have 12 to go (list is on a link at the top), Morecambe, Chesterfield, Accrington, Exeter and Stevenage are the ones I aim to ‘tick off my list’ this season.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of at the moment, I will keep you all updated even if you couldn’t care less. If you have ever fancied going to North Korea then let me know and you’re welcome to be my photographer.


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