My Bucket List

Lots of people have them, for various different reasons. But I thought I would make a ‘bucket list’ for myself, things to aim for in my life, will mostly be related to football and travel. Hopefully I’ll have plenty of time yet to complete it!

My list below is not taking into account the money aspect and some may be unachieveable due to this,  maybe my first ‘bucket list’ entry should be ‘win £1 million on the lottery’……

1. Go to a World Cup match & venue – Completed 2014

2. Go Great White Shark cage diving

3. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

4. Go skiing in the Alps

5. Travel by train through the Rockies

6. Go Zorbing

7. Go to the Galapagos Islands

8. See the Great Wall of China – Completed in July 2015

9. Complete the ’92’ football grounds. Completed in February 2016

10. See Wales qualify for a major football tournament – Completed in Zenica in 2015

I have already skydived, scuba-dived, held a Koala, gone White Water Rafting and seen lots of various monuments in the World. So didn’t include them. I realise mine aren’t really that dangerous though (apart from the shark cage diving).


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